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PIMCO Total Return Bond update 1Q 2012

Bill Gross, who manage the world’s biggest bond fund of $252.4 billion Total Return Fund, at Pacific Investment Management Co (PIMCO), cut US government and T-bill from 37% to 32%.  Meanwhile, he increased the holdings of mortgages from 52% to 53%, the highest since June 2009.  He maintained 10% exposure in emerging market debt and cut the bonds of non-U.S. developed nations from 7% to 6%.

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FTIF-Templeton Global Bond Scooping Irish bonds

Templeton Global Bond Fund, $57 billion fund, run by Michael (38) Hasenstab and Sonal Desai, has gained 7.3% this year as of 2012-02-09, beating 98% of its competitor.  It rejoined the top-performing fixed-income funds following last year’s underperformance by scooping up distressed Irish bonds and keeping bets that the Asian currencies will rise.

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Schroders Singapore Fixed Income

Schroders Singaproe Fixed Income invest in diversified Singapore dollar denominated bonds.  The fund strategy is to invest in a diversified portfolio of Singapore dollar denominated fixed income securities, including debt securities issued by the Singapore Government, Singapore statutory boards and corporates with issuer credit ratings of at least Baa by Moody's, BBB by Standard & Poort's or BBB by Fitch Inc.

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United SGD Fund

The fund's investment objective is to invest substantially all its assets in money market and short term interest bearing debt instruments and bank deposits with the objective of achieving a yield enhancement over Singapore dollar deposits.

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Henderson Horizon China Fund

Henderson Horizon China Fund, a greater China fund that is UCITS III approved fund.  In other words, it is a mutual fund that can long and short - the fund can have up to 200% exposure in the market with 150 long and 50 short.  The fund adopts highly concentrated portfolio with average position size of 4-5%.  Due to its ability to long and short and concentrated portfolio, it exhibits high tracking error.

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