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DWS Invest | Multi Opportunities

DWS Invest | Multi Opportunities is a multi-asset fund of funds, of which 51% of the monies invested in ETF/funds.  It adopt unconstrained investment across asset classes and geographies so as to enable itself to be flexible and responsive to market changes.   In other words, further to the classic bond and equities (for liquidity reasons large caps and mid caps are preferred), it can use derivatives, direct securities up to 40% of fund assets and leverage but overall net exposure has historically never exceeded 100%.  The fund achieved annualised return of 7.6% with volatility at 6.5% since its inception in May 2002.

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H2O MultiBonds, Allegro & Adagio

H2O MultiBonds is H2O flagship fund of H2O Asset Management, is a relatively new fund manager that was setup in August 2010.  However, the fund’s strategy is not new – it is a fund that replicate its proven successful investment strategy with consistency and longevity fund that was set up in 1993 by the key partners of H2O – Bruno Grasters, CEO of H2O and others,  when they were with Credit Agricore, now known as Amundi – probably the largest Asset Management in France.  The year to date performance of H2O MultiBonds in Euro term is about 27%.  It is not a hedge fund but a fund that is in compliance to Undertakings for Collective Investment in transferable securities  (UCITS) IV.

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MAN rewrites AHL with Evolution

Man Group,  the world’s second largest hedge fund manager, has ‘re-written’ its flagship computerised momentum-driven AHL program named “Evolution” to overcome the impact of quantitative easing and the ongoing Eurozone crisis.  The fund lost 12% since quantitative easing began in 2009.  Prior to that, the fund delivered 15%p.a. With the new program, the fund which manages $16.3bn has made 18% this year (2012) and 16% last year (2011).

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Quant Hedge Funds Also Hit by US Bonds Sell-off

The recent sell-off in US bond markets due to Fed’s statement on a possible QE exit had made some of the world’s biggest quant hedge funds (also known as CTAs), which use computer models to spot and ride market trends automatically, to suffer steep losses in the past two weeks.  The steep loss is the result of bond yields risen from their lowest levels in decade in the past fortnight and large holdings in those bond position.  Although CTAs are known to be volatile, the losses are still among the highest reported to investors in years. Add a comment

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The New Macro Hedge Fund

According to Hedge Fund Research, the average macro hedge fund has made just 0.7 per cent this year, and 1.52 per cent, on average, annually, for the past three years.  But not all macro fund managers are failing - a new generation of macro funds with a greater focus on emerging economies are succeeding.

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