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Legg Mason Permal Absolute Return Fund

Permal is one of the oldest with over 35 years of experience) and largest alternative asset management firms. It is one of the top players with approximately $20 billion under management.

Legg Mason Permal Global Absolute Return Fund deploys global macroinvestment approach with a variety of assets from fixed income to commodities and property to global equities. It aims to deliver positive returns in all market conditions in the medium term.

The fund targets to deliver 8-10 annualised return over a full market cycle of 3-5 years with a volatility of 6-8%. It will operate under UCITS regulatory framework. The fund can invest long and short in a wide range of asset classes focusing on ETFs, listed closed-end funds, UCITS open-ended funds and FX, but may also include a variety of derivative instruments. The fund will regularly gain exposure to one or more of the following:

  1. Global Equity
  2. Global Fixed Income
  3. Real estate and infrastructure
  4. Commodity investments
  5. Foreign currencies
  6. Eligible hedge fundstrategies
  7. Cash & cash equivalents.

Absolute return investing is an approach that aims for consistent positive return targets with measured levels of volatility.