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DWS Invest | Multi Opportunities

DWS Invest | Multi Opportunities is a multi-asset fund of funds, of which 51% of the monies invested in ETF/funds.  It adopt unconstrained investment across asset classes and geographies so as to enable itself to be flexible and responsive to market changes.   In other words, further to the classic bond and equities (for liquidity reasons large caps and mid caps are preferred), it can use derivatives, direct securities up to 40% of fund assets and leverage but overall net exposure has historically never exceeded 100%.  The fund achieved annualised return of 7.6% with volatility at 6.5% since its inception in May 2002.

In 2002, a German Family Office approached DWS to manage a multi-asset class fund for them.  The portfolio was given full discretion and flexibility to select across various markets and instruments.  The success of the fund made DWS to launch the fund in 2014 to serve the external investors.

Klaus Kaldemorgen is head of the investment team with 32 years of experience.  He is one of the most renowned fund managers in Europe and often nicknamed as the "Warren Buffet" of Germany.  He has been involved in the fund management of the strategy since its launch. 

The lead Portfolio Manager is Henning Potstada and Co-Portfolio Manager is Chirstoph-Arend.  Both of them are part of Kaldemorgen team and have been in charge of managing this strategy since 2009.

The fund deploy top-down strategic allocation based on macro views.

The current AUM stand at EUR 2.2 billion as of Aug 2015 fact sheet.  The base currency of the fund is EUR but hedged share classes are available such as AUD Hedged, HKD Hedged, SGD Hedged and USD Hedged.  The fund aim to provide an annual dividend of 6% on monthly basics.