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SAS Gold and Precious Metals Fund

Schroders Alternative Solutions (SAS) Gold and Metals Fund SGD class was set up on 2008-08-29.  On 2011-05-03, the fund was renamed to SAS Gold and Precious Metals Fund.

The table below summarises the different between the old and the new fund:

SAS Gold and Precious Metals

There are few ways to invest into gold: the physical gold, gold ETF, gold certificate, gold equities or gold futures.  The uniqueness of this fund is that it invests into gold futures with 'long' only and without leveraging, making it to exhibit highest correlation with the gold spot price versus other forms of gold investment.  Most other gold funds available are equity based, i.e. it will have equity behaviour at times. SAS Gold and Precious Metals is the only fund that non-equity based.

The table below compares the different between various forms of gold investment:

SAS Gold and Precious Metals vs Others

Unlike holding physical gold which is subjected to GST, the fund is not subjected to GST.  With the SGD class, investor may benefit from the act of hedging by the fund manager - short dollar buy S$ if US$ were to depreciated against S$.