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Schroder AS Commodity Fund

The Fund's investment objective is to generate total return in the long term through investment in commodity related instruments (mainly futures contract with no leveraged and short-selling and commodities equities) globally. It invests into metals, energy and agricultural commodities and can have cash exposure of up to 33% with minimum futures contracts exposure of 50%. This fund is investable using Cash only.

The fund manager is Robert Howell. Total fund size as of May 2008 is USD 3.1B.

Unlike commodity indices such as Rogers International Commodity (22 from agriculture, 9 metals and 4 energy), S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity (11 agriculture, 6 metals and 6 energy), DJ AIG Commodity (9 agriculture, 6 metals and 4 energy) and RJ CRB Commodity (10 agriculture, 5 metals and 4 energy), the fund is allow to participate into 64 different type of commodities of which 32 from the Agriculture, 10 metals, 8 energy plus 14 commodities equities. Please refer to the table below for the entire commodities universe investable by this fund: