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1997年,索罗斯攻击香港采用的办法是在纽约外汇市场卖空港币和股指期货。 从1997年5月开始,以索罗斯为首的炒家们设计了一个连环计。 即通过外汇市场、股票市场和期货市场的互动作用,利用现货和期货两种工具,多方设下陷阱。整个狙击过程为一个三部曲。

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Gold to hit $25,000 in 50 years

Avi Gilburt, is predicting that gold is in its final decline which will likely take place over the next half a year.  Thereafter, it would be a tenfold bull market over the next decade or so, which will likely to increase to a fifty fold increase in the index (Gold Bug Index, HUI) over the next 20 or so years, and well beyond that in 50 years.  Ultimately, the Gold futures would surpass $25,000, eclipsing HUI over 15,000 which currently is at 159.54 as of 2015-06-05.

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Bill Gross–The King of Bond

On 2014-09-26, Bill Gross - the King of Bond, aged 70, left PIMCO, a firm he co-founded 43 years ago (1971) with almost $2 tn as Chief Investment Officer of PIMCO.  His flagship fund – PIMCO Total Return Bond Fund peaked at $290 bn before poor performance led to customers outflows of nearly $70 billion over the past 16 months.

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Hedge Fund - Everest Capital Closing Fund after Wrong Bet on Swiss Franc

Marko Dimitrijevic, a hedge-fund veteran known for his aggressive gambles on emerging markets is shuttering his flagship fund – Global Fund with $830 million, because of sudden jump in the value of Swiss Franc.  Mr Dimitrijevic, who grew up in Switzerland, had bet in place that the Franc would fall.  From its founding in 1991 through last month, the Global Fund earned an average annualised return of 12.3%, after fees.

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Star Fund Manager–Richard Buxton

The ability to stay calm and not rush for the exits at the first sign of volatility, as some retail investors have done in emerging markets in recent weeks, is critical for success.--  Richard Buxton, is a star fund manager – a big name; someone who can attract clients by virtue of his own brand.  Neil Woodford at Invesco Perpetual, Anthony Bolton at Fidelity are other big names.  They are rare, particularly in the long-only world.  Mr Buxton left Schroders, 2nd biggest independent investment group with with just over £250bn in assets under management (AUM), and joined Old Mutual Global Investors, with AUM of £16bn, the UK asset management arm of Old Mutual, the international investment and banking conglomerate, last June.

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