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Gold to hit $25,000 in 50 years

Avi Gilburt, is predicting that gold is in its final decline which will likely take place over the next half a year.  Thereafter, it would be a tenfold bull market over the next decade or so, which will likely to increase to a fifty fold increase in the index (Gold Bug Index, HUI) over the next 20 or so years, and well beyond that in 50 years.  Ultimately, the Gold futures would surpass $25,000, eclipsing HUI over 15,000 which currently is at 159.54 as of 2015-06-05.

How creditable would Avi Gilburt's prediction?  Here is his past claims' record:

  1. In the year 2000, when the price of gold was around $250 an ounce, he suggested that it would be worth almost eight times its current value within the next decade.  Yes, gold topped in September of 2011 at just under $1,921, where predicted the top at $1,915 in August 2011.
  2. In middle of 2011, Gold was rising parabolically - some days even advancing by $50 per day - and heading over $1,900.  Breaking the $2,000 mark to most was a sure thing.  In August 2011, he claimed the top to be $1,915 and the downside targets for gold to fall from $1,900, down to a minimum of $1,400 an ounce, but more likely the $700-$1,000 region.  The gold price currently stood at $1,174 as of 2015-06-05.

Avi Gulburt said he derived his prediction using a 200-year Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Mathematics Study.  Avi Gulburt is a lawyer and accountant by training.  He is author of, focusing on Elliott Wave market analysis.


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