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Gundlach Forecasts 6% on 10 Year Yield

Jeffrey Gundlach, Chief Executive Officer of DoubleLine Capital told Reuters that 10-Year Treasury will hit 6% by Next Presidential Election or a Year later.

“I first made that statement in July 2016 when the overwhelming consensus view was the 10-year was soon headed to 1 percent,” he said. “So the observation is right a little over two years later with 10s a little over 3 percent.”

“My 6 percent by 2021 call is perfectly on track. No reason at all to change it. A move soon to higher yields would be signaled by the 30-year closing two days in a row over 3.25 percent.”

CNBC, 2018-09-08, “DoubleLine’s Gundlach warns US Treasury yields are headed higher”


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